Which Family Survival Guide Is Better?

Welcome to Family Survival Guide! Right now there are two popular family survival guides being sold online. One is called the Family Survival Course and the other is called the Family Survival System. I’ve noticed a lot of confusion about which is which, so in this article I’m going to briefly tell you about the authors and list the information you’ll find in each guide.

Family Survival Course

Jason Richards familyThis course was created by Jason Richards and John Lahan. Jason Richards is a survivalist author who created the program, Survive Food Crisis. A few years ago, after realizing the world economy is going to get a lot worse, he decided to create a more comprehensive program that would cover all aspects of survivalism. To do this, he got help from John Lahan.

As a member of the US Armed Forces, John Lahan fought in Afghanistan almost 10 years ago. During that time, he learned all the most advanced military survival skills. A couple years later he lost everything to hurricane Katrina. This inspired him to learn new survival skills and master the ones he already had. It also motivated him to stock up on the best survival food and gear. Today he runs a survival boot camp in southern California.

Jason Richards took the information in John Lahan’s survival work shop and adapted it into a book that anyone could follow. The result was the Family Survival Course. Let’s take a look at what’s in it:

  • A list of 44 foods you need to stockpile.
  • Food storage methods and tips.
  • How to build a raised bed garden.
  • How to build a beehive and keep bees.
  • Collecting and purifying water.
  • Growing and using medicinal herbs.
  • How to build your own solar panels.
  • How to build your own wind turbine.
  • Other ways to generate power.
  • Keeping your family safe from looters.
  • The best home defense weapons.
  • What to put in your bug out bag.

There are a total of 155 pages in this book. That might not sound like a lot, but Jason Richards crams a lot of information into those pages. There is very little fluff in this guide. To learn more, visit the official site.

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Family Survival System

Frank Mitchell familyThis system was created by Frank Mitchell. Frank was also in the US Armed Forces and has years of training in survivalism. In fact, he has personally witnessed all sorts of disasters in various countries while in uniform. And unlike John Lahan, Frank has over 60 FEMA-related disaster certifications under his belt. Granted, a single certification isn’t that hard to get, but 60 is a lot.

Like Jason Richards, Frank Mitchell was also shaken by what he saw happening to the world economy. The problems that created the 2008 financial crisis were never solved. Instead they were papered over, setting up the real crash which has yet to occur.

To prepare for this, Jason started writing lists—lists of food items, lists of survival gear, lists of medical supplies, lists of skills to learn, and so forth. Once he had everything he needed, he adapted these lists into a system that his friends and family members could use to get prepared. Here’s what’s in his system:

  • A list of the most important skills to learn.
  • What food to buy and how to store it.
  • How to purify water in any situation.
  • Choosing the right water filter.
  • How to build a fire from scratch.
  • Creating your own first aid kit.
  • Emergency medical treatment.
  • The most important weapons.
  • How to shop for survival radios.
  • Whether to bug in or bug out and how.
  • Defending your home from intruders.
  • Wild card scenarios to prepare for.

Frank Mitchell’s book is only 40 pages. The reason for this is that he spends a lot of time telling you what you need to know without getting into the details. It’s a great starter system for beginners because the checklists help prioritize the things you need to learn and buy. Unfortunately, people with even a little prepping experience won’t find it very useful. To learn more, visit the official site.

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Both of these family survival guides are good, but if you’re a beginner with absolutely zero knowledge of survivalism, you should get the Family Survival System. If you already know a little bit about prepping and want to take your preps to the next level, you need the Family Survival Course.

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